Eating Disorders Yoga Interventions

Eating Disorders Yoga Interventions


Eating Disorders Yoga InterventionsYoga is a new method being used to treat eating disorders. The concept behind yoga is that it focuses on movement and places an emphasis on one’s breath and being aware of sensations happening throughout the body (Hall, Ofei Tenkorang, Machan, and Gordon, 2016. (“”)

Compared to some of the more established theories and concepts that have been used to treat eating disorders, there is not a significant amount of research yet to prove the effectiveness on using yoga with ED treatment.

Despite this fact, there has still been a surge of interest regarding the therapeutic benefits that yoga provides (Hall et al., 2016). Yoga promotes an overall sense of awareness and wellness within the body, both physically and mentally (Hall et al., 2016). (“”)

I have been practicing yoga myself for over ten years and have seen a major difference in my well-being, an improvement with my mental health. When I was in the depths of my own eating disorder (which will be explored further in the next section), I had a severe dissatisfaction with my body image and an extremely negative concept of myself. I developed issues with anxiety and depression in my early young adulthood that stemmed from my poor self-concept and eating disorder behavior.

“Yoga helped me to become more in tune and connected with my body.” (“”) My self-confidence increased, and my anxiety and depression symptoms decreased. “Although research is limited, studies done so far have shown promising results when investigating the effectiveness of yoga and ED treatment (Hall et al., 2016).” (“”)

Eating Disorders

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