Eating Disorders Counseling Interventions

Eating Disorders Counseling Interventions


Eating Disorders Counseling Interventions although further research is needed to gain insight on the effectiveness of treating ED patients in various stages of development, there are existing techniques and approaches that been proven to be beneficial with ED recovery. (“”)

“Based on my ED experience and personal success, one approach I would recommend to a counselor with an ED patient is MBCT.” (“”) As previously mentioned, individuals with eating disorders tend to have dysmorphic thoughts about food and eating patterns.

They have a tendency to restrict various foods from their diets and believe that they are a failure if these self-imposed rules are broken at all (Baer, 2003). When taking an MBCT approach, the counselor should encourage the client to embrace a mindful state of being when negative ED thoughts enter the mind. (“”)

They should do this by reminding the client that these automatic thoughts of failure are not reality and do not require any attention, since they are simply mental visitors passing through (Baer, 2003). (“”)

The intention behind this approach would be to reduce the client’s negative thoughts about breaking his or her diet and prevent the client from allowing these negative thoughts to escalate into ruminative patterns, which would in turn prevent ED behaviors such as starvation or purging (Baer et al., 2005; Baer, 2003).

There are many different interventions and approaches that can be helpful when treating an ED client. It is important to keep in mind that the method that a counselor chooses will be unique to the individual and must be in the best interest of the client and their needs. (“”)

Eating Disorders

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