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Child Support Laws

It is most important to find out about Child Support laws in your State. After a divorce, it is imperative that the children are taken care of – in most cases, one income is inadequate, therefore it is necessary to file for child support. It is the responsibility of the Judge to make child support reasonable by considering what the parents earn and taking into consideration the expenses of the child.

These needs increase as the child grows and education expenses arise. Refusal to pay will lead to prosecution. “The courts direct the amount, and this must be paid.” (“Protect Your Kids When Heading For Divorce – En Gedi”) You will be allowed visitation rights when you pay child support.

Child Support Expenses and What It Is Used For

The primary duty of parents is towards their children. One parent will pay to support them, and the other will need to use it to meet all the expenses involved in raising the child. Often, the one who does not spend too much time with the children pays support – it may be either parent. The issues involved in the marriage are of no concern, as the primary focus is on the child.

The commitment of the parent is the main concern. In the case of abuse, child support will have to be paid, and there will not be custody.

It is better to investigate child support at the time of divorce, as you will need to know how much you will be required to pay – the choice is not yours. Payments are required to be paid on time, otherwise a jail sentence is imminent. The child support is for shelter, food, and clothes and school needs. After 18, you are not required to pay, but in certain States it is required if the child is in college.

You will need to know exactly how much to pay. Failure to pay will lead to a jail sentence, or your debt will be paid by auctioning your stuff. Your property can also be taken by the Government, and the proceeds used to pay your support. It would be best to consult a lawyer to fix the amount that you can afford. The usual amount is around $200 – 300 per child every month.

You will need to think of ways to supplement your income, a second job, so that you can pay your child support regularly. If you are employed, it will automatically come out of your paycheck. Any extravagance on your part will have to be curtailed, as child support is top priority, and you will not want to face the repercussions.

You need to understand that child support is expensive and to do the right thing by your child, and not get into any unnecessary hassles, you would do well to get yourself a good lawyer who will give you the right advice.


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