Childhood Maladies

Childhood Maladies

Blisters, Calluses and Corns Affect Kids Too

Childhood Maladies – Blisters, Calluses and Corns Affect Kids Too At one time or another just about every kid will have to deal with a blister, corn or a callus.

They can cause a lot of discomfort but they can be easily prevented by taking some precautions. Blisters, corn or calluses are the result of the skin rubbing against some foreign object.


A corn is a painful bump that affects the toes. The affected area will become hard and develop thick skin. The skin around the corn may become yellow and look like a ring around it.

Corns will normally appear on the toes and are usually the
result of tight-fitting shoes. To get some pain relief from corns you can apply a round shaped pad with a hole in the center to help cushion it against further friction.

Pads treated with Salicylic acid can be used to help get rid of the corn, and may require a second treatment cycle. If they are in a lot of pain from the corn you may want to consult a Podiatrist.


Gymnasts and guitarists will often develop calluses. Gymnasts can develop them when working with uneven parallel bars and guitarists can develop them when playing with the strings continuously.

However, once a callus has formed, they can make their tasks easier. Gymnasts can swing on bars more easily and guitarists can play the guitar well.

If a callus forms on the sole of the foot it can be very painful with every step, they take as they will often form on the ball, the curved part of the sole near the toes, heels or on small toes.

The best medicine is prevention so it’s advisable to avoid shoes that are too tight or high heels, as they tend to put too much pressure on certain points.

One way to remove the callus is to soak it in warm water and then run the dead skin off with a pumice stone.


Blisters will often form when breaking in some new shoes as they are rubbing against certain areas of your foot such as the heel or toes.

If breaking into new shoes it’s best to wear a shoe pad to help avoid friction. A blister will contain a watery fluid, which will normally break pretty easily.

Blisters can form on your hands when using gardening tools to do yard work. This is why it’s always best to wear protective gloves when doing such tasks.

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