Childhood Maladies

Childhood Maladies

Urinary Tract Infections and Your Child

Childhood MaladiesUrinary Tract Infections and Your Child If a child develops a urinary tract infection (UTI) it will be painful for them to urinate and will feel like they need to urinate even when they actually don’t. The urine will also have a bad smell due to the bacterial infection.

Normally if a child is experiencing any difficulty urinating or is in pain, they will let you know if they are old enough. As a parent you should also observe how many times your child goes to the bathroom. They may also have a fever or chills. They may even have pain in the back or stomach.

Types of Pain

If they should have pain right below the ribs, it’s a definite sign of a kidney infection. In these cases, you should take your child to a doctor, as they will need to run a urine test and prescribe some medicine to help clear up the infection.

If the test shows a kidney infection, the child will be hospitalized for a few days. They will be given a germ fighting medicine, which will be delivered by an IV tube, which will be inserted in a vein.

Your child will start to feel good within a few days after starting on the medicine. But they must stay away from food and liquid which has caffeine in it as it can elevate bladder irritation and they will feel very uncomfortable.


To help avoid urinary tract infections the most critical thing you need to do is maintain good cleanliness. They should be bathed daily and wear clean underwear everyday as well. They should be taught to use a wipe after urinating.

They should not hold their urine for long periods of time and be sure they drink plenty of fluids. Cranberry juice and water are the best fluids to help flush bacteria out of the body.

As much fun as bubble baths are, they need to be avoided as they can irritate the urethra. By following these simple measures, you can help your child avoid getting a urinary tract infection.

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