Childhood Maladies

Childhood Maladies

How to Determine if Your Child Has Eczema

Childhood Maladies – If your child has a skin rash and you know it’s not poison ivy or chicken pox, then the rash is likely caused by eczema.

An eczema rash will make the skin red, scaly and will have sores. It will also itch a lot. Eczema is also referred to as dermatitis.

The term dermatitis means the skin is inflamed so it turns pink and sore. Eczema is a very common childhood problem and normally 1 out of 10 kids will develop it at some point before they are 5. Older children can still get it, but it doesn’t occur very often.

What is Eczema?

When the skin gets dry it itches and since eczema dries out the skin it will make it itch. It may even become a rash. It’s a chronic condition, which means it will come and go. If a foreign body comes in contact with the skin, and a special kind of cell is present on the skin, it will react to them.

Basically, they inflame the skin as a measure of protection. This harmful foreign object will trigger the reaction and cause these special cells to over react.

Family Genes

If a child comes from a family where there are a lot of allergies, they are going to be more prone to developing eczema. This is due to the genes that have been passed on to them.

On the plus side, eczema is not something that’s contagious. The first symptom of eczema is rash. They will go away, but will come back. Some eczema rashes will itch more than others. It will usually develop inside the elbows and behind the knees and then spread to other parts of the body.

Since rashes can develop for a lot of other reasons, a doctor should examine the rash to make the proper diagnosis. If the itching is really bad the doctor will likely prescribe some lotion or cream to relief the itching. If an infection has developed, they will also need some antibiotics.

There are things in a child’s environment that can trigger eczema, such as soap, detergents, perfume, dry air, dust mites or scratchy fabric. The most difficult thing is to prevent the child from scratching as it can lead to infection with bacteria. Also be sure to keep the child’s fingernails trimmed and have them drink plenty of water.

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