Beating Drug Addiction

Beating Drug Addiction

Beating Drug AddictionSupport Groups and Follow up Programs Support groups and follow up programs can be quite useful in the battle for your life with addiction.

There are numerous support groups out there for every type of addiction including drugs, sex, food, self-harm, video games, porn and many others.

Support groups and follow up programs can be located online or through local outreach programs. If you have never tried a support group it is worth a shot. You will likely be surprised by how much a support group can help you.

Information on Support Groups and

Follow up Programs

Support groups and follow up programs can be very beneficial for your battle against addiction.

Support groups provide a setting for open discussion about the difficulties related to addiction and recovery. Most support groups will encourage you to have a sponsor.

A sponsor is your guide while working towards recovery. You should choose a sponsor who has been drug-free for at least one year. You want them to be experienced when it comes to recovery so they can offer you proper guidance.

Your sponsor will also help you work on your steps if your support group participates in a twelve-step program. A couple support groups that use the 12 steps are AA and NA.

If you choose to go to a support group like AA or NA you will be provided with rewards for your accomplishment of being drug-free. Your reward is to be given a chip which represents the number of days you have been clean.

They present you with this reward in front of the whole group. This boosts your self-esteem and also encourages others in the group to continue with their treatment. It shows people that it is possible and that you do not have to be super human in order to win the battle against addiction.

It is also very helpful to hear other people’s stories of their battle with addiction and the challenges they had to overcome. Most people have the error of thinking their life is worse than everyone else’s.

Support groups provide people with an opportunity to hear stories of situations and losses that are much worse than theirs.

The fact that you are part of a group will also be a motivator for you during your battle. You can think of it as being part of a team and your team’s objective is to remain drug free and beat the battle of addiction.

Each person who stays clean contributes to the team’s strength while those who are falling behind receive help and encouragement from the stronger team members.

Eventually everyone in the team is strong until a new person enters the team. The same process takes place over again until everyone on the team is strong once again.

Another advantage of support groups is the fact that they are cost-free. This eliminates using money as any sort of excuse to not go.

You can receive help and advice that some people may consider to be more valuable than advice provided by a counselor for free from a support group, so why not give it a try, what could hurt?

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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