Avoiding & Dealing with Falls While Caring for The Elderly

Avoiding & Dealing with Falls

 Avoiding & Dealing with Falls While Caring

for The Elderly

Caretakers should take advice from anyone who has had a decent stint as a caretaker in the past. Their experience can prove to be very handy as they can tell you about the hazards and pitfalls involved in this profession. One advice you are sure to hear from these people is the danger of falls at any time. (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”)

The elder community has an appalling number of falls every year. This is mainly because they are quite weak and unstable on their feet. Their bodies are not conducive for stable postures and thus liable to any fall anytime. Repeated falling causes harm and this can happen if their bodies are not very agile. (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”)

Bones become brittle can be broken easily as they are old. Elders are known for dislocating their hips or even fracturing them on a fall. The pain it causes is excruciating and can stay like that for a long time. (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”) You need to be aware of these and try to prevent it from happening.

“Prevention is better than cure and certainly so with these elders.” (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”) Preventing such mishaps can be vital for both you, as a caretaker, as well as the senior.

Monitoring the senior citizen and maintaining the safety of the elderly person I such an awkward thing to do even if you have eyes at the back of your head. It takes a while to get used to their movements, routines, and habits. (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”)

“Watching them at close quarters can help you to anticipate their movement and thereby preventing their fall.” (“Guide To Dealing and Caring Elderly”) If you can spot any danger from a distance, it can help you from preventing any disastrous fall of the senior. But as a primary caretaker, you must get used to it though this cannot be a long-term solution.

The primary step you must do to prevent falls and trips of elderly people has nothing to do with the subject concerned itself. You should be focusing on the immediate environment rather. Try to eliminate all the possible falling hazards at home. Remove rugs or carpets which are loose and used for decorating rooms. All these sorts of small problems can cause big problems in the future. Zimmer frames can be attached to these beds to prevent falls, especially in the night. These are specially made for people with unsteady feet.

If the fall of an elderly citizen has already taken place, you should have the head to deal with the issue than chickening out. You should be clear about what you are going to do rather than feeling perturbed by the situation.

First thing you should be doing is remove all the obstructions that caused the fall of the elder. Assess the place and time of fall. First aid is mandatory and so it should be immediately into effect.

Do not try moving the person if you know the elder is perfectly all right without any bones or limbs damaged. In case of a head injury, call the ambulance quickly as head injuries could be fatal sometimes. Keep the relatives warm about the whole situation and ask them not to panic.

Falls are quite unpredictable at home, and you should always have the temperament to deal with it. With no doubt, you will have to experience that at some point in life, no matter how well prepared you are. Taking precautionary measures can reduce the number of falls and reduce the severity of the injuries sustained by the elder.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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