9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practices

9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practices

Two Modes of the Mind

9 Quick and Easy Mindfulness PracticesTwo Modes of the Mind – In order to better understand the most important reason why paying attention can be helpful, let’s talk about the nature of the human mind. Roughly speaking….

The human mind has two modes.

  •  Presence mode
  •  Lost In Thought mode

Lost In Thought mode:

In this mode, you are lost in thoughts. You are not present.

In this mode, what happens to you is dictated by your thoughts. You feel pleasant if you get pleasant thoughts. You feel unpleasant if you get unpleasant thought.

  When you are lost, you take your thoughts as reality. And you fully feel the effects of your thoughts.

  More importantly, what kind of thoughts you get, when you are lost is not dictated by you. Thoughts happen mostly  randomly.

When you are lost, you tend to get more negative thoughts. Because you suffer from negativity bias.

  You have evolved for survival you have not evolved to be happy.

  What works for the survival, doesn’t work for happiness. That’s why you are very good at survival, but not so good at becoming happy.

  In ‘Lost In Thought’ mode, you tend to worry, ruminate and become anxious a lot.

Presence mode:

  In this mode, you are paying attention. You are present. You are not lost in thoughts or emotional reactivity.

  What happens to you is dictated by you.

  You may still get worrying thoughts, but if you are paying attention, you know your thoughts for what they are. They are just thoughts. They are not reality. And unlike in lost mode, you don’t mistake your thoughts for reality.

  Also, when you are in presence mode, you can’t be in lost mode and by not being in the lost mode, you avoid worrying, getting stressed and getting stressed.

More importantly, as it was said earlier, the present moment if the only moment you ever have to live.

Which means present moment is the only moment you ever have to learn, to grow, to heal and to take action so that the next moment turns out to be such that there is less problems for you and people around you!!


Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Addiction Counselor

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