71 Relationship Articles

71 Relationship Articles

71 Relationship Articles – Over Sixty Dating for Seniors Not all that many years ago, people were considered quite old when they reached the age of sixty.

In the past, those over sixty would be swept under the proverbial rug, that’s no longer the case. Now, more seniors than ever are staying fit and active.

Add to that the major advances in nutrition and medicine and people have a high quality of life as they get older. When compared to previous generations, senior citizens of today are much more vibrant and vital. But what if you are about that age and are looking for a romantic partner? To put it simply, dating over sixty can be a rewarding and a very fun experience.

According to Wendell K. Cribbs, the renowned internet author and relationship expert, no matter how old we are, dating and relationships are vital to a happy personal life and positive mental attitude.

We need to foster intimate relationships, in spite of any anxiety or fear, and regardless of our age. In fact, the majority of the feelings of hesitancy are not based on fact or actual experience, but are rather contrived within their own mind.

To paraphrase Cribbs, he goes on to say, “Over sixty dating isn’t something anyone has to be afraid of. To be sure, senior dating can be both fun and exciting. As we near retirement age, many of the problems faced by younger people that are dating are not much of a concern for seniors, if they are present at all.

Choosing a career, starting a family, and many other issues just don’t get in the way. That’s one of the main reasons why over sixty dating can be more relaxed and not have as much pressure attached to it.

A sixty-six-year-old former office manager named Robert is happy being a part of the over sixty dating scenes, but he didn’t always feel that way. He explains that dating at 66 is more fun and has much less pressure than when he was younger. He further adds that he dated his wife for six years before they got married. And how things were more serious for them at that time.

They were happy and had good times together. When she passed away, he said he wanted to “hide in my apartment” and had no desire to become involved with anybody ever again. But after about half a year, those close to Robert encouraged him to put aside his feelings of apprehension and get back into the social scene.

Cribbs explains that Robert’s case is similar to many of those who are new to over sixty dating. He adds that trepidation and nervousness will be there at some level associated with dating again. While they all have plenty of life experience, most of them have been happily married for many, many years. This can make things a bit unsettling at first.

All of this is reassuring for any senior that wishes to establish a new and potentially loving relationship through over sixty dating. As the poet once said, “life is how you make it”, and that’s true no matter how young at heart you are.

Regards, Coyalita

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