101 Facebook Tips

101 Facebook Tips

101 Facebook Tips – Facebook is a great platform for meeting friends, creating a following for your hobby, service, or project, and for relaxing. There’s an app for every taste, and several of them are incredibly fun and addictive.

These 101 tips will get you navigating Facebook like a pro in no time.

Part 1 – finding friends and influencing people.

Depending on why you join Facebook, you may find it easy to make friends, or may only have it to stay in touch with friends in distant parts of the world. No matter what you do, signing up can be a process that will take up to a couple of hours (including your profile).

1. Signing up

Your own name
You should use your own name or your nickname if people use it more commonly, to sign up. It’s important to ensure that your friends, family and colleagues can find you easily.

2. Your email

Facebook sends out a lot of notifications once you start signing up with various groups and fan pages, apps and even comments. But people can also find you by your email, so you should probably use a personal email account. Check it frequently for friend requests and more. It has to be real though, because Facebook uses it and sometimes your mobile number to verify who you are.


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