10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health

10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health

10 Signs that Gluten is Damaging Your Health – Why Gluten Intake Is Bad for You A scientific review which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the consumption of gluten can possibly trigger 55 different diseases. As alarming as it sounds, it actually turns out to be true.

There are, in fact, quite a number of conditions caused by eating gluten. These range from fatigue to inflammatory bowel diseases, even osteoporosis – all by simply eating this protein.

Gluten also causes inflammation, which in turn can affect your entire body. Simply put, gluten can have an adverse effect on your brain in the same way that it affects your digestive system and joints.

Most people who suffer from inflammations due to gluten intake tend to focus on treating the condition at the surface level.

They do so by taking medications which help reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, they had to do it regularly as they weren’t able to get to the root of the problem.

If you have a chronic health issue, or even if you don’t, you want to eliminate gluten from your diet. After all, gluten is associated with some of the most problematic conditions such as digestive issues and poor brain function.

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